How to Clean a Soft Top? Details Guide for Beginners

Are you interested to know how to clean a soft top? Convertible are good cars, especially in the summer season. Generally, the fabric convertible tops raise and lower down and give ideal sun and air breeze. The soft-top convertible cleaner clears filth, mold, and dirt. These cleaners are readily available in the market.

Although these convertible cars are ideal for a long drive, there is a catch. The vinyl top is a hassle to clean, and it spoils all the fun. The convertible top needs special care so that it can last long. Usually, fabric convertible tops are of vinyl. However, sometimes the convertible top is of canvas material.

In this article, I will guide you on cleaning convertible tops. I will also share professional tips and tricks to clean soft vinyl tops. Before starting, let us discuss the type of convertible material.

Commonly, convertible car tops are of two types’ soft top and hardtop. The covers are of soft and flexible material. The upper layer of the product is PVC, and the inner layer is of cloth or vinyl. The convertible covers are available in different colors and shades. You need to install the soft top carefully with the expert help. In addition, before cleaning the top, it is necessary to know fabric the material of the top. Vinyl material protects the roof from water. However, the water droplets leave a stain on the rooftop.

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How to Clean a Soft Top?

The item requires proper care and attention because it can catch dirt and road filth, especially in the wet season. Usually, the washing procedure of cloth and vinyl top is the same. The expert doesn’t recommend using standard car washing products because it can cause damage to the top.

How to care for a soft-top convertible?

It is necessary to take care of jeep top. Usually, for fabric or cloth tops, wash them in the shade and avoid direct sunlight because when water evaporates in sunlight, it leaves a stain on the vinyl convertible top. Secondly, use a soft brush for scrubbing. A stiff bristle brush can leave scratches on the plastic windows. For vinyl, top don’t use a regular car cleaning product. Cleaning convertible tops require special care and, it is best to use a microfiber towel for cleaning.

How to clean cloth soft top Miata?

Those who own Miata knowns well it’s a tough job to keep it in good shape. This car requires interior and exterior cleaning, and dirt and filth build-up on the tops cause wear and tear. In case of the wear and tear, Miata top replacement is the only solution. Generally, it lasts for 10 years after replacing the item.

Convertible top treatment includes regular maintenance, and good cleaner. Generally, the good Miata soft top is of cloth material. It has a three-ply design, and the inner lining is of cotton material.

Here are some vital cleaning convertible top hacks.

1. Don’t wash soft-top convertible through a high-pressure car wash.
2. Don’t use alcohol, bleach, gasoline, and thinner on the vinyl tops.
3. Don’t spray water in the gap between the window and convertible top. This allows water to enter the interior of the car.

Convertible top cleaners

Cleaning convertible tops is not an easy task. It requires good quality cleaner. There are many cleaners available in the market. A good quality convertible top cleaner shouldn’t damage the fabric or discolor it. Secondly, it should have protectant qualities.

Cleaners are easy to use. Dilute the cleaner with water and spray the solution on the top. Spray the solution in a smaller section and raise it thoroughly with clean water. If dirt and algae don’t come off, use a soft bristle brush and scrub thoroughly. Dry the top with a microfiber cloth and use a protectant at the end.

The homemade convertible top cleaner also works effectively. A hose or a pressure washer cleans 70 % of dirt and debris. However, it should keep in mind that pressure is too strong.

Usually, experts don’t recommend car wash for the convertible. However, a soft-top convertible vehicle wash is available in the market with a soft bristle that guarantees no harm to the top.

Convertible top protector

A convertible protector protects the sedan top from discoloration and fading. Moreover, they protect against severe UV rays, grease, dirt, and cracking of tops. Usually, after cleaning a vinyl protectant is used to protect the fabric convertible top material and texture.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Can you take a convertible through a car wash?

Generally, the convertible car has a special auto wash. These wash services wash automobiles with soft brushes and car handles at a speed of 31 mph. So, there is no harm to the product.

2. How do I get my soft-top black again?

There are many ways to restore the black tops. The convertible top needs special care and maintenance. Generally, if the product cloth is faded, it can be cleaned and dyed again. Moreover, by using a top protector car can be saved from decoloring.

3. How do you clean a moldy convertible top?

Mold and algae on the soft top are cleaned by using a convertible cleaner with a soft brush. If the mold is not getting off, mix two parts of water and one part of ammonia, apply the top for 30 minutes and scrub. Clean the car with water and dry it by using a microfiber cloth.

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4. How do you remove algae from a convertible top?

Algae on the tops are cleaned by using an ammonia and water mixture. Apply the mixture on the top and rinse by using clean water.

5. Can you steam clean a soft top?

Yes, steam clean kills bacteria, germs, and algae. Moreover, it removes stains and dirt and cleans the top. However, in some cases, if the procedure is not done right it causes the cloth to shrink.

6. How long do Miata soft tops last?

Generally, Miata tops last for 10 years.

7. Is the Miata soft top waterproof?

Miata convertible top is not fully waterproof. Water may enter through the gap between the window and convertible top.


Generally, people ask how to clean a soft top? This delicate convertible needs special care and maintenance. The soft-top convertible cleaner cleans dirt and restores discoloration. These cleaners not only clean the debris but protect the top from harsh sunlight.


Shafiqule Islam is a graduated Mechanical Engineer. He has both on hand and managerial job experience of 15 years in automobile maintenance field. He served as Captain in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Corp of Army, Technical Head in Taxi Cab business, Head of Plant in Car assembly plant. He is writing automotive contents to share his expertise knowledge to car lovers for solving their vehicle issues.

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