Clutch Slipping When Accelerating Hard: The Proper Solution

You will face trouble with your clutch slipping when accelerating hard. When your car is on move-in higher speed, and the clutch is not working, that might cause any malfunction. But today we will discuss that thing and give a perfect solution.

When we try to increase the engine power, the clutch slips from the flywheel. It gives a lost connection, and the clutch does not get the right power for speeding. On the other hand, if the clutch plate cannot hold the overpowering of the engine, it will slip.

Suppose this kind of problem has occurred, then you should know how to come out of the problem. So, we will be identifying the problem from every angle and getting the possible tips to solve it.

clutch slipping symptoms

What is Slipping clutch?

Let’s first understand what a Clutch Plate is. It is a mechanism that is pressed with our feet, and then it connects with the flywheel and gives power to the engine. With this process, we can increase engine power for speeding. If we do not use this properly, the vehicle will gradually slow and will end with a complete stop. That means without this, we cannot move our car forward or reverse.

The slipping clutch means after pressing clutch pedal, the plate does not engage properly with the flywheel as it should be. Thus, it cannot provide adequate power to the tires for driving when shifting the gears. So, when we see this kind of issue, we should take improvement measures with our clutch. If the plate is worn, replace the clutch immediately without any delay.

Symptoms of clutch slipping when accelerating hard

If we know the reason for identifying the clutch slipping matter, we can move on with the repair and maintenance. We will now talk about clutch slipping symptoms to help us complete the whole process.

  1. When you are accelerating but cannot gain speed, the main fact is that you are pressing the clutch, but the flywheel is not engaging.
  2. The car starts to reverse; it happens when we climb any higher place. When the incident occurs, the car starts to go reverse. When you see the clutch slipping in higher gears, it can cause an accident too.
  3. You will get the burning clutch smell, and with the cause of slipping plate, there will be clutch and rubber issues to create that.
  4. Do you see your pedal is not working? It may become stiff, and you cannot gain any speed; it needs to be replaced in these cases. Also, it can cause bad transmission.
  5. In this case, the clutch is loose and slips frequently. Due to slipping, you will not get power from your clutch.

All these slipping clutch symptoms will help us to understand what is going on and how to take the preventive measure from them.

Why do we have gone for the identify the symptoms? If we do not take the necessary measures, the driving experience will be worse day by day, leading to an accident. It is necessary to repair the slipping matter for our safety and other issues. We hope this information will help you take all kinds of repairing measures.

Cause of slipping clutch

As we have seen the main reasons for these issues, we will try to understand the causes here. It will also help us to take necessary repairing initiatives.

  • If it is not complying with the flywheel, it will start to lose acceleration.
  • There are burning smell due to clutch and rubber mismatch.
  • Sometimes it becomes stiff; it does not allow to get the proper thrust.
  • It will give frequent issues when it is old and sliding clutch is also a similar problem.

Defective flywheel is another key reason of slipping and the cause are:

  • If the flywheel has worn old then it will not work effectively.
  • Defective flywheel will also make the clutch worse, so it requires necessary repair.

For every incident, there is a cause. It is wise to identify the reason and then consult with the experts. It is impossible to try to resolve a thing when we do not know the cause. Here it would help if you gave concentration to your slipping issues to identify the cause.

If your car faces any issues, you have to look after it to get an immediate solution. Or, you will face many other issues and serious car malfunction.

In this case, we will discuss the clutch fixing issues.

How to fix a slipping clutch

We have discussed the clutch slipping causes in detail; we now know the facts. It is best to take repairing measures when we have similar issues. But how do we solve the matters? Let’s discuss that here.

  • When we notice that the flywheel and clutch are not working, we should replace it and flywheel with a new kit.
  • If it is too old, the mechanics recommend changing the whole kit
  • A professional mechanic can tell that any malfunction can be solved with repair or change, so take their suggestions.
  • If any newer one’s slipping issues occur, then do not go for a change; you can fix it with an adjustment.

We have started a discussion on how to fix a slipping clutch. Now we know how to identify these and resolve the issues.

As we have discussed above, there are two main ways to resolve the issues. At first, we can bring the car to the garage to take the mechanic’s advice. If that is not working with any adjustment, the final solution is to change the new kit. With these both ways, we can effectively fix it; slipping process and issues.


1. Can a slipping clutch Be Fixed?

There are two methods. Firstly, we can adjust it with a mechanic. Or we can move on with changing the whole kit that can solve the slipping clutch issue for some extra miles.

Slipping Clutch

2. How long will a clutch last after it starts slipping?

Generally, you can drive with it for extra 50-100 miles, but that will give you a huge headache. You will not be able to drive properly with it and cannot speed up with a bad transmission experience.

3. What does a clutch slipping feel like?

It will give you a frequent shake in your daily driving experience; the whole vehicle will start to have shaky when we press it. It will also impact the driving experience as we cannot speed up or drive properly with it.

4. How much does it cost to repair a slipping clutch?

If a mechanic adjusts the slipping issue, that will be an additional cost for him. But if we need to replace the whole it, it will cost around $150 for a set.

5. Can I drive a car with a slipping clutch?

Yes, you can, but the driving will not be smooth. You have to face issues every moment while driving as it will be losing speed, shake and other issues with a slipping clutch.


When you have the clutch slipping when accelerating hard, there is no other way you need to look after your clutch adjustment. We have to either adjust the whole set up or change the whole kit in this case. Even with a new one, we can face the issue, too. So, in this crucial moment, we will say, do not wait for a severe issue. Just take the necessary steps to make it happen.


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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