How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Miata Soft Top?

The average lifespan of soft tops is around 3 to 5 years. Instead of using hardtops, car owners often prefer to use soft tops as they are affordable and easier to fix. However, they have a shorter lifespan; replacing them after a particular period is necessary. How much does it cost to replace a Miata soft top? You may have to spend around $400 to $1,000 to replace your convertible soft top. But some extra costs may incur, such as labor price if the frame is heavily damaged. Also, any internal damage may lead to additional expenses if the issue has been for a while.

cost to replace a Miata soft top

How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Miata Soft Top

Replacing a convertible top after a specific time is necessary as the Mazda convertible top will not last forever. So, why is it essential to go for Mazda top replacement? The auto tops may be damaged for several reasons:

  • You may have folded it for a prolonged time.
  • If you expose it to extremely harsh weather conditions.
  • Anyone has already used it for a long time.

The Mazda top replacement cost will vary as some notable points are associated with it. A Mazda replacement top is available in various materials, such as flexible textile, twill, etc. Additionally, if the wiring of the upper portion is damaged, an extra cost will incur.

Another thing that will determine the total convertible top replacement price is the location. For example, In North Carolina, the full replacement cost of a Miata soft top is around $800, while in California, you will have to spend only $600. So you will save $200. But you still have to pay extra money for parts replacements in both locations. The parts convertible top price will vary slightly too.

So, a particular location to change the parts may increase or decrease the total price of the auto tops. This is why many car owners often even drive for miles to replace the item from a low-cost shop.

However, you may struggle to find a convenient shop with a reasonable price if your current location is unfavorable to drive, such as extreme snow or rainy conditions. In addition, if you own a convertible car, a sunny spot is necessary to replace the replace and install canvas convertible top.

Why is a Convertible Top Replacement So Expensive?

Do you know why replacing a convertible top and the installation process is so inconvenient? Instead of replacing the whole convertible top, only the motor part needs to be replaced.

Additionally, replacing the wiring is also necessary as the whole system works through electricity. However, discovering the main wiring problem could be an unhandy task.

You may also have to incur additional labor costs too. Determining the actual problem requires you to have advanced mechanical knowledge. Only then do you can diagnose the problem. This can only do a professional person.

However, if there is no heavy damage, you may just replace the whole body for the upper portion of your totaled vehicle. In those particular conditions, spending approximately $300 to $400 might be necessary.

How Much I Will Save If I Replace My Miata Top Myself?

So, how much does it to change a convertible top if you do it o of your own? Since labor price is enormous for changing, doing this of your own will save a good amount of money. The average labor cost for a Miata top replacement is around $400 to $600.

While replacing a Miata top, you have some options to consider, such as the material you want to use, the model and the type of Mazda top you want to use, etc. If your primary goal is to save as much money as possible, you are free to choose an option that seems convenient to you.

However, you will still have to bear the shipping expense, which will be around $150 to $200. Replacing the Mazda convertible from a shop won’t lead to this cost. But, overall, you will save about $150 to $250 by replacing it of your own.

Always keep in mind that the procedure is time-consuming if you want to do it yourself. It may take more than one day, and keeping the car inside a garage or internal environment is essential.

When to Replace Your Miata Soft Top?

When your Mazda top is not functioning appropriately, you are several symptoms such as —

  • The metal parts may have rusts even after cleaning the soft top.
  • There might be water leaking issues.
  • The switch of the soft top car is responding incorrectly or slowing.
  • The top is not opening or closing fully.
  • The leaky top issues.


How long does Miata soft top last?

A new top can last on average 3 to 5 years. However, if you take care of it properly and make it from high-quality materials, its life span may increase.

Soft top

Can a Miata go through a carwash?

No, extreme pressure and automated carwash are allowed for a Mazda. It may damage the system.

Do Miata soft tops leak?

Most times, you won’t see any leakage issue on your soft top Miata unless there is a very strong crosswind.

Is it hard to replace a convertible top?

Yes, installing a convertible top is pretty hard as you need professional skills and technical knowledge to replace it correctly.

How do you take care of a soft top vehicle?

Here are some pro tips to take of your Mazda top:

  • Keep your Miata tops always in new conditions.
  • Wash it with fresh water and gentle soap.
  • Don’t go for an automated carwash.
  • Don’t re-dye the color.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Wrapping Up

Replacing the auto tops is necessary after a particular period if it is not functioning correctly. Knowing how much does it cost to replace a Miata soft top is essential to get a clear idea about it.

Most of the time, you need to get it done from a professional shop since Miata convertible top repair requires mechanical skills. Replace it soonest if you notice any malfunctioning. Otherwise, it will lead to heavy damage.


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