How to Fix Bubble in Tire? Causes and Prevention

A tire bubble is a type of glitch seen in vehicle wheels. It is basically a bulge that appears unexpectedly on the sidewalls. Any effect on the sidewalls of the vehicle tires can cause dreading effects. It is essential to check those from time to time to maintain the safety of the passengers and the car.

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How to Fix Bubble in Tire?

The emergence of bubbles in tire is a significant problem and must be adequately solved. However, keep this noted that the bumps are unfixable.

The only way to solve this problem is to quickly replace the affected one with a good band tire so that you cannot face any major trouble. However, it is usually recommended to replace all four tires instead of replacing only the affected ones.

Causes of Tire Bubbles

The bubbles are usually caused by heavy impact damage. Railroad crossings, speed bumps, potholes, curbs, road construction areas, too much loads and heavily damaged roads are some of the common reasons behind bump on tire. It can also happen when a vehicle’s wheel hits a pointed object in the road. All this affects the sidewall and causes a hole in the tire layer. This will extensively weaken the automotive wheel. The mechanized defects like gaps or weak inner layers in the external layer can apply force on the existing layers. It is difficult for people to spot this issue.

Let’s explore some of the other reasons behind this problem.


It is one of the common reasons behind this issue is overloading. All this can put extra weight on the tire. This can place the inside layer’s firmness to test. Once the pressure increases, the inside layer can break, seeping out the air into the external layers.

Uneven Roads

Driving your car on uneven roads is another common reason behind sidewall bubble. The reason is that rough and uneven roads exert force on the tire. Keep this noted that dynamic instances affect the rubber’s strength producing a fragile spot in the inner layer of it due to repetitive strikes. All this can also happen with the external layer.

Railroad Crossing

Crossing a railroad is also one of the common reasons behind this problem. In case you cross a “railway” path daily on your way to and from work, then it affects your automobile’s tires. You will soon observe bumps in those which then convert into bulge over time.

Manufacturing Issues

Sometimes a tire bubble occurs because of inner defects in it. It is mainly because of the manufacturer fault. If you face such a situation, then don’t worry. All you need to do is, take it back to the manufacturer and report the issue to them.

Flat Tire

Driving your car with a flat tire is not a good approach. Most people get immediate help from an expert once they notice a flat one. In contrast, some individuals drive their car to their preferred destination despite its state and condition.

All this can make tires come in contact with different objects, which makes the wheel get pressed against its rim. This can affect the inside liner and force an air leakage into the rubber. All this will lead to the development of tire bubbles.

Different Types of Tire Bubbles

The bubble in car tire is generally of two types. It includes tumor on the tread and bulge on tire’s sidewall. Let’s have a look at both of these types in detail.

Bubbles on the Tire Tread

These bubbles are a projection on the tire tread. It typically happens when one of the steel belts that outwit the fringe ends up under and outside the tread. Such issue can cause bumping while driving.

Bubbles on the Sidewall

A bump on the sidewall occurs because of leaking air within the tire. It is vital to spot the tire tumor correctly and fix them. Keep this noted that there is a slight difference in both these types.

The problem is not apparent while driving. People can only spot it when they carefully inspect their tires. However, bubbles on tire treads become clear while driving as it can cause a particular rhythmic bumping.

Most people take tire bubbles lightly devoid of realizing how dangerous these things can be. It is better to have a flat tire instead of having a bulge on it.

How to Prevent Tire Bubbles

To prevent tire bubbles, we suggest take all the precautionary measures so that these remain in good condition for an extended period.

Keep monitoring all the changes in the tire’s driving quality and shape. We also suggest to keep proper account of the air pressure to prevent damages. Keeping a gauge at home for monitoring purposes is one of the best ideas.

Similarly, to avoid the issue, drive your car carefully on a pebbled road. Watch all the speed bumps and potholes that come your way. All this can help in managing surplus damages or abnormalities.


1.) Can I drive with a bubble in my tire?

Driving a car with a bubble in wheel is not safe. The auto wheels cannot function properly if their internal structure has failed.

2.) How much does it cost to fix a bubble in a tire?

The presence of bubbles is not safe and should be managed properly. Once you spot the problem, the solution is to replace the tire. It will usually cost around $150 to $600.

3.) How long can you ride on a tire with a bulge?

You can drive a few miles with the damaged one. If you want to save yourself from any trouble, it is suggested to replace the tire as soon as possible. If you notice small crack, fix the tread as soon as possible.

4.) What does a tire bubble look like?

The bubbles are basically a bulge or bump that appears unexpectedly on the sidewalls.

5.) Do tire warranties cover bubbles?

Well, it depends upon the occurrence of damaged ones. It comes under warranty if it occurs because of a manufacturing defect.


The tire bubbles are extremely dangerous and threatening. It is important to check them from time to time to avoid any accidents. One cannot fix the bumps in their home garage or on the road on their own. The best approach is to bring your vehicle to the repair shop to manage everything properly.

Here in this article, you will get a complete guide about how to fix bubble in tire. Check the guide above for detailed insight.


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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