How to Jack Up a Lifted Truck | Step by Step Guide

Changing a flat tire on the roadside seems like a challenging task unless you have the proper knowledge about it. This massive vehicle is relatively hard to jack up when you need to replace a flat tire. The mess is more if a person is unaware of how to jack up a lifted truck correctly. So, we are here to provide you with the necessary information you might need someday if you are stuck with a flat tire in the middle of a highway.

In this article, we will cover how to jack up a truck step-by-step.

how to jack up a lifted truck

How to Jack up a Lifted Truck (Steps)

Ensuring the Optimal Safety

Do you have any faintest clue how risky it can be to jack up trucks without the essential preparations? You are neither supposed to follow wrong guidelines nor use inappropriate tools. A single mistake may put in the risk of serious injuries or damage to your lifted truck.

You should follow some special instructions and proper ways to lift a truck position. A lift truck jack is a must-have tool you may wish to use to jack up this heavy and bulky vehicle. Try to choose the better car jack for effective jack-up and easy load.

Apart from using a premium-quality floor jack for lifted truck, you should use a jack stand to support the weight after lifting.

Picking a Perfect location

A perfect location is the first thing you have to focus on. Try to choose a wide space area where there will be fewer vehicles’ movements.

A concrete or asphalt road surface will be a better option as it is smooth and stable. You have to ensure that there is no unnecessary movement of jacks and lift trucks while changing tires.

Uneven roads will lead to unwanted movements of vehicles or tools, which may lead to dangerous accidents.

After choosing the perfect park area, it’s time to park your truck transmission. Alternatively, shifting to first gear is necessary if your truck has a manual gearbox. Additionally, be sure your automobile’s brake has been engaged.

Blocking the Wheels

After choosing a perfect spot for replacing the flat tire, you should block the wheels. Blocking wheels means keeping wheels in a firm or stable position below the wheel to stop them from unwanted rolling.

Using two-wheel chocks is better than one. Plus, place chocks on the opposite wheel. For example, if you want to replace the back left wheel, you will have to place chocks under the front right.

Similarly, placing chocks under both back tires is crucial if you jack up both front wheels.

Inspecting the Jack

It is better to use a quality and durable hydraulic floor jack than an emergency floor jack, especially if you own a garage or shop.  Don’t forget to examine any leak or dilapidation of jack oil. You should fill the jack with hydraulic oil if requires. Check if you have locked the pressure release valve of the car jack. If not, you can do that by turning the lever of the jack right-hand direction.

If something seems unusual or damaged of your floor jack, repair the jack first and then jack up your van.

Determining the Perfect Jack Point

Discovering a perfect jack-up point is indispensable to raise the truck in a secure location.

A specially designed spot for contact with the jack will often serve as a risk-free point. Or a location that you know can support the weight of the truck without sliding.

You may find an ideal point from the owner’s manual. A lifted truck with small tires is a possibility to have jack points near to its tires.

Additionally, it is possible to find a further jacking point between the front wheels and rear wheels.

Under no circumstances should you place your jack for a lifted truck below a body part. Apart from ruining your truck components, the wrong approach will make you injured. You should always position the jack against a solid, paint-free part of your truck frame.

Jacking the Truck Up

After determining the perfect jacking point, that’s where you should place the jack. You just need to glide it on a particular point.

For example, if you want to change the back left tire of your vehicle, placing the jack close below the tire is necessary. Here the jack point is located on the front panel of the wheel.

Some thumb of rules is applicable when you want to learn how to lift a truck properly. When you raise a front wheel with the jack, place it in the back.

But what will be the jacking point if you want to raise both front and back wheels? In that case, you can choose a middle point between these wheels.

You are not supposed to face any issue while placing a jack under the truck, as most lifted trucks have high ground clearance. However, avoid placing the jack against any delicate parts of the lifted truck. It may damage them.

After keeping the jack in a certain point, ensure the jack is firmly gripped on the jack point. As soon as you raise your van, its angle will alter.

However, the truck may fall off jacks if the jack stands and jack point does not establish a secure connection. Jacks with rubber padded provide a robust physical hold during jacking up the vehicle.

Raising the Lifted Truck

Before lifting the vehicle, you will have to first increase the jack position to the jack point. After contacting the jack to the jack point with a firm grip, you should give some extra pumps to raise the truck position.

As you pump the jack, raise your vehicle to the point that a jack stand can stay freely. In addition, before you increase the truck height, it is essential to determine a particular height level.

Placing the Jack Stand

Set up a jack stand as soon as your truck is lifted. You will follow a similar approach like the jack to place a jack stand under the truck.

So, why should you use a jack stand though you are using a hydraulic jack? The reason is the floor jacks only help you raise the vehicle height while the bottle jacks support the weight to hold.

After placing the jack stand correctly, you can lower the jack position. But make sure the jack stand supported the weight appropriately with no movements.

Then, you can go under the truck to replace the flat tire or any other maintenance work.

Lowering a Car Jack

To lower the position of your vehicle, you have to release the valve of your jack gradually. Be a little bit cautious during lowering the jack while releasing the valve to ensure safety. Upon completion of the jack-up task, you can take off the jack.


1. Where do you put the jack on a lifted truck?

You need to find a particular jack point where you will put a jack under the Van.

jack up a truck

2. What kind of jack do you use for a lifted truck?

A hydraulic floor jack is a better alternative to support the heavyweight of a lifted truck.

3. How do you jack up a lifted Jeep?

You can use a floor jack for the vehicle to jack up it and do maintenance works easily.

4. Can you jack a truck up by the axle?

It is possible to jack a truck up by the axle. For that, you need to place a quality floor jack under the pumpkin.


We know the approach of learning how to jack up a lifted truck is a little bit tricky. Since we have mentioned all steps with easy instructions, you are unlikely to experience any problems. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about how to jack up a car or lifted track with a simple method.


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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