How to Lower a Car Jack? | Different Floor Jacks

Ever wonder how to lower a car jack? You’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different ways to do so you can be prepared for any situation. But, before getting started with raising or lowering your vehicle, it’s essential to know how to use a floor jack safely.

As such, here are some helpful tips on how to use a car jack safely and the best way to place it in your garage or driveway.

how to lower a car jack

Types of car jack

You can find 2 main types of car jack in most garages or toolboxes:

  1. Mechanical jack
  2. Hydraulic jack.

Mechanical jack

Mechanical jacks consist of a simple mechanism with a base and handle, generally heavy. This heavy shape makes them difficult to move but very easy to operate. Mechanical jack is of two types:

  1. Scissor jack
  2. High lift jack

How to Lower a Car Jack? | Steps

 How to lower a scissor jack?

  1.  Place the Camco scissor jack underneath your vehicle until you’ve reached a certain angle.
  2.  At this point, lower your car slowly until it is resting on its frame. Tips: if desired, slow down the   process by giving a few inches at a time to prevent damage to your vehicles.
  3.  Place a dime-sized amount of lubricating oil on your vehicle’s axle. It will allow for an easy lift   without causing damage to the car.
  4.  Firstly, press down on the scissor jack and lift the front of your vehicle. Make sure it is high   enough for you to remove any load underneath your car.
  5.  Remove both wheels from underneath the suspension of your vehicle.
  6.  Place a board or tire iron between your vehicle’s axle scissor jack to keep it up and out of the way while you work.
  7.  The last step is to remove your vehicle’s tires altogether, making sure never to exceed the weight limit for your scissor jack. Always check with its manual before doing so!
  8.  Note: Check and fix the Car jack if it doesn’t work properly.

How to lower a high lift jack?

  1.  Place a board or tire iron between your vehicle’s axle and the jack to keep it up and out of the way   while you work.
  2.  Slowly lower the car with a high lift jack until it rests on its wheels. Then remove every load around the suspension area.
  3.  Remove both wheels from underneath the suspension.
  4.  Afterwards, remove the board or tire iron that was previously placed between the chassis and high   lift jack.
  5.  Finally, press down on the high lift jack and remove the load from underneath your vehicle.

Hydraulic jack

A hydraulic car jack is a mechanical device used to lift heavy objects into the air, like vehicles and machinery. It is also two types.

  1. Floor jack
  2. Bottle jack

How to lower a floor jack?

  1.  Lower the floor jack handle. Continue by pushing down on it until you hear a click, which   indicates that it’s locked in place.
  2.  Place the floor jack under your vehicle and then position the wheels correctly to securely under the car.
  3.  Slowly raise the floor jack handle until your vehicle is at the desired level.
  4.  Slowly remove the wheels from underneath the vehicle, and then place them away for safety.

How to lower a bottle jack?

  1.  Position the bottle jack underneath your vehicle in a secure way that will bear all of the weight.
  2.  Slowly lift and lower the jack handle until it’s at the desired position, and then press down on it with your foot to ensure that it is secure.
  3.  Place your vehicle on jack stands or blocks, and then you can start working on it!

Tips for jacking up a car safely

  1.  Make sure your car is in the park before using a floor jack.
  2.  If you are using a jack to lift your car, you should put something between the jack and the vehicle so that it does not get damaged.
  3.  Whenever possible, lower your car onto jack stands instead of directly onto the ground.
  4.  Never use a floor jack for anything other than precisely what it’s intended to be used for. For example, don’t try to use it as a hydraulic jack by hooking it up to your car and then lifting the vehicle that way!

Why should you have a car jack in your car at all times?

  1.  To safely raise or lower the car when you need to work under it.
  2.  To remove wheels so that you can take your car to a mechanic for repair and have them put on the spare wheel.
  3.  Repair flat tires with a spare tire and jack.
  4.  Change oil or spark plugs on your vehicle.

What is the importance of using Car Jacks and Lifts?

  1.  Vehicle jacks and Powerbuilt Lift provide quicker service and less chance of injury for a vehicle owner than jacking by placing bricks or the jack itself under the wheels.
  2.  Car jacks can be used to raise any heavy object, not just your car!
  3.  Floor jacks and lifts should be placed on the firm, flat, level ground.
  4.  When jacking or raising a vehicle, always use jack stands to support it when jacking the car up!

Where to put jack stands?

  1.  Place it as close to the jacking point as possible and not directly on concrete or any other hard surface.
  2.  Position the jack stand so that your car will rest on it when you lower it.
  3.  It is best to have at least 2 jack stands on each side of the car when jacking it up. This is for safety purposes so that your car will not fall or slide over to one side

Benefits of Using a jacking point on your vehicle

  1.  It enables you to jack up your vehicle at the point where it is most stable, preventing any damage   during the lifting process.
  2.  A jacking point is a safe place to jack up your vehicle since the ground on either side of it will   support the weight of your car.
  3.  You should always use a car jack when working on your car. It helps to prevent unnecessary   damage and movement while you are working. You have more time to do other things instead of   worrying about things like this.


1. What is the safest place to put your car on jack stands?

On a flat, hard surface that is close enough to you so that you can reach the car when working under it.

lower car jack

2. How to release a jack?

Follow the instructions that come with your jack. Every jack is different, but most are very easy to use, and some have safety features that make them easy to release.

Bottom Line

Always ensure that you use the correct floor jack for your vehicle. And always read the instructions provided with it before trying to use it. It’s common for people to have trouble figuring out how to lower a car jack, but it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

If you’re having some difficulty with your own, look up an instructional video on YouTube. Once you know what you are doing and get into a routine of lowering the jack every time, this task will become second nature in no time.


Shafiqule Islam is a graduated Mechanical Engineer. He has both on hand and managerial job experience of 15 years in automobile maintenance field. He served as Captain in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Corp of Army, Technical Head in Taxi Cab business, Head of Plant in Car assembly plant. He is writing automotive contents to share his expertise knowledge to car lovers for solving their vehicle issues.

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