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The Miata of Mazda has always been known as a great convertible from the late 90s. Mazda Miata convertible tops are the great way to enjoy the warm weather and convert your Miata into a convertible version. A hardtop can be expensive, but replacing the original soft top is much more affordable. There are many options for the best Miata soft top replacement in the market.

This means you can find one that fits your budget and needs. The important feature of the tops is that they do not leak water onto your interior carpets as older models did. Thus, you need not to worry about cleaning up puddles every time it rains, or even just looks like rain!

In this blog post, we’ll go over the best Miata soft top replacement on the market today. So, you can make an informed and easy decision. Let’s drive to the discussion!

best Miata soft top replacement

Top 7 Best Miata Soft Top Replacement Reviews

Here we have collected some of the best Miata auto tops for you to choose the suitable one.

1. Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1989-2005

Mazda Miata Convertible Top for Black Cabrio 1989-2005

The Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1989-2005 is an excellent addition to your Miata convertible. It provides a perfect option for a more modern look than the original top and window combination. The installation of this Miata soft top is also easier than others. This Miata top replacement fits all the years for which this specific model was made for. Overall, it comes at an affordable price, considering its excellent build quality.

Product feature

  • The material of the top (Cabrio Vinyl) is UV resistant.
  • It helps to prevent common issues like mold and mildew.
  • DOT approved plastic window.
  • It has a top and window combination, which offers excellent protection on rainy days.


  1. It is easy to install and remove.
  2. Plenty of room for a taller or larger person.
  3. Well-made hardware makes it sturdy & durable


  1. Some people complain they get scratched easily

2. Sierra Auto Convertible Top Replacement 2006-2015

Sierra Auto Tops for Mazda Miata MX5 2006-2015

The Sierra Auto Convertible Top Replacement is another excellent option for the convertible top replacement. It provides a unique style than the Cabrio model but still offers high quality and durability.

Anyone can use this one because of its simple installation process. It also comes with a built-in header bar, so you don’t have to worry about doing additional work or spending money on new hardware.

Product feature

  • Manufacturers have made Sierra’s convertible tops with precision cutting and computer-guided equipment.
  • Its threads are heat-sealed and stitched together.
  • Its lid stays as good as new, no matter how much time passes since installing it.
  • It is strong enough to endure minor impacts like heavy objects falling on it or any other accidental damage.


  1. Excellent quality of design & stitching.
  2. It can withstand minor impacts like a heavy object falling.
  3. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


  1. Quite tricky to install

3. Sierra Auto Top Replacement for Miata Mazda MX5 1990-2005

Sierra Auto Tops Convertible for Mazda Miata MX5 1990-2005

Sierra Auto Tops makes a cool light tan hue for the 1990-2005 MX5 model. Your convertible will attract extra attention on the road because of this relatively unique hue.

Furthermore, it is one of the most cost-effective soft tops for Miata. Compared to other similar things on the market, this one is significantly less expensive without sacrificing quality or longevity. So when you need a soft-top replacement for your 1990-2005 Miata MX5 model. Just pick up this Sierra auto tops product; you won’t regret it!

Product feature

  • This miata replacement top is built of superior grade 38 oz.
  • It has clear plastic panes that allow you to see outside view without difficulty.
  • Due to its bonded polyester threads structure, the top is quite durable.
  • The heat-sealed seams and reinforced double stitch increase the strength even more.
  • DOT approved
  • 40-gauge press polish plastic is used to make the transparent window.


  1. Cabrio Vinyl (38 oz.) is used to make this product.
  2. Besides added durability, heat-sealed seams are double stitched.
  3. Very much affordable compared to others.


  1. Its plastic back window scratches and provides little noise insulation.

4. Mazda Miata Convertible Top 2006-2015

Mazda Miata Convertible Top 2006-2015

For those who do not care about the colour of their convertible top replacement, this black version of Cabrio vinyl top 2006-2015 is just what you need!

This convertible top replacement comes in a simple black finish. It will look great on any colored car as it won’t stand out too much. After all, that’s what most people want, so we can consider it to be one of the best Miata tops for sale.

Product Feature

  • Engineers have used  high-end Cabrio Grain Vinyl to make this top.
  • The same material used in the original mazda miata convertibles pretty means authenticity.
  • It contains translucent plastic panes.
  • DOT-approved heated glass window.
  • The top is particularly robust because of its structure of bonded polyester threads.
  • Stitched are made with precision cutting computer-guided equipment.


  1. It was stitched in matching hues.
  2. DOT Heated glass window.
  3. Seams that have been heat-sealed for increased strength and longevity.


  1. The installation process is quite tricky.

5. Master Top Mesh Bimini Summer Soft Top 1997-2006

MasterTop Replacement Soft for 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wranglers

These soft tops from Wrangler are pretty adaptable. It is simple to remove on sunny days and reinstall when the weather goes bad. Wrangler soft tops are an excellent way to make your Jeep more comfortable. It is easy to do this, and you can enjoy nature too. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a 2 year warranty covering any manufacturing defects!

Product feature

  • The whole soft top is extremely light, which gives it the ability to withstand wind.
  • It will help keep your convertible’s colors lasting longer and protect it from fading because of UV damage.
  • This roof gets rid of nearly 70% of the sun’s UV rays.
  • It has heavy-duty webbing for the best attachment points of any top design.
  • It has been built using heat-sealed seams and high-strength polyester threads to increase durability and longevity


  1. Organizations have used extra-durable commercial-grade mesh fabric to make it.
  2. Installation does not cause the use of other tools.
  3. Simple to install and clean the top.
  4. This top takes UV radiation heat away from the vehicle.


  1. This top is not so easy to set, and the price is a little high.

6. Mazda Miata Convertible Top with Plastic Window & Rain Rail 1990-2005

Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 (Tan)

For people who do not want to be bothered with installing a Mazda Miata convertible top, this best aftermarket soft top is the best choice. It comes in two options of color – black and tan.

It does not require any other tools or equipment during the Miata soft top install process. Anyone can do the job, even if they are not car wizards. The whole thing is relatively easy to set up, and it attaches to the original color of your vehicle. To ensure that this high-quality product can serve you for a long time. Its manufacturers have used the finest materials available on the market. And stitched together using heat-sealed seams, so it will never let you down.

Product feature

  • This model has a plastic window which is combined with a rain rail.
  • For that authentic look and feel, the material is made from premium 38 oz Cabrio Grain Vinyl.
  • The vinyl material protects UV inhibitors that will keep it from fading in direct sunlight.
  • The window is also DOT-approved and has been heat-sealed to the top for additional durability.
  • For better visibility, the window is made of OEM quality plastic.


  1. IT includes a factory-installed, non-cracking flexible rain rail.
  2. DOT approved window.
  3. Easy to install.


  1. Purple haze is noticeable in the back window.

7. AutoBerry Convertible Top Mazda Miata 1990/2005

Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005

This mazda convertible soft is available in different color options. So you can choose the one that will perfectly match your vehicle’s original colors. It has been designed from premium Cabrio Vinyl. Which has also been heat-sealed to ensure that it can stand against any kind of weather.

The autoberry mazda miata convertible also includes a window visor which will help guard against debris from sticking to your car’s interior or damaging the soft top.

Product feature

  • Premium Cabrio Vinyl design.
  • DOT-approved glass panes and wire panels help you defrosting the windshield.
  • Stitched with matching hues using the finest bonded polyester threads.
  • You do not require any special equipment or tools, so anyone can do it in less than an hour.
  • Computerized cut with pinpoint precision ensuring the premium quality.


  1. Lifetime guarantee.
  2. Colored stitching.
  3. Built-in defroster
  4. Quarter panel with an overlap.


  1. Installation instruction isn’t given in detail.

Things to consider before buying a Miata soft top replacement


Some tops are available in black, blue, and tan. You can select one color or choose a three-tone set composed of different colors for each soft top section. The latter option like miata top will make your car look more stylish but also a bit more expensive. However, it’s up to you how much money you want to spend on a replacement Miata soft top.

The cost

The price range of miata replacement top varies from about $400 to $600 depending on the model and the type of material used for manufacturing. For example, if you look for a vinyl top for your Miata, you can expect the price to be in this range.

In addition to the defroster and power window option, a convertible top replacement cost may up to $800. A cheap soft top doesn’t mean that it is low-quality. Some affordable models are good in quality and high in price, but they can offer you better value for your money.

Materials used

A new top can be made of various materials: vinyl, canvas, or polyester. Vinyl is the most famous and widespread option. It’s cheap, durable, easy to clean and replace if necessary. By contrast, a canvas version may last less than a soft top with vinyl trim because of its more delicate fabric. Polyester is the most expensive option. It provides a high level of safety for those who often use their car during bad weather conditions.


Suppose you are not an expert in Miata soft top repair. In that case, it is better to get a auto tops replacement from experts. Besides this option being more affordable, it also guarantees your car’s safety as professionals will do the fitting.

Note that there are two ways of replacing the convertible soft top: hands and feet. The solution you choose depends on whether you have DIY skills or you’d instead leave everything in the hands of professionals. Just make sure all parts are compatible with each other before starting any installation work.


Although Mazda Miata soft top replacements are not the essential part of the car, they influence your vehicle’s style. For example, suppose you like vintage cars and want to recreate an old convertible’s look with a soft top made in one of the colors typical of this matching car (like brown or maroon).

In that case, choose a vinyl replacement that has an appropriate color. If you are a more modern-oriented person who wants something fashionable, go for three-tone matching combinations. Also, pay attention to details when buying rally stripes or any other design elements.


Choose a soft top made of vinyl that complies with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  The fabric used for canvas convertible tops is also as safe and approved as other materials. However, some owners turned to unique fabrics such as cloth and nylon after getting burnt by vinyl covers. Such Miata top replacement might be prone to catching fire if exposed to high temperatures.

Warranty and return policy

Some Miata soft top manufacturers offer you a lifetime warranty, which is quite convenient if you’re planning to use your car for many years. However, it is unlikely that such a product will last this long. However, the warranty may be necessary when enjoying peace of mind while driving with an expensive top on board.


1. How much does it cost to replace a Miata soft top?

The cost of Miata soft tops varies depending on where you live and what type of part you need. The standard tops (no unique colors or designs) from Mazda range from $400 to $600, but more expensive ones could cost around $800 for custom fabrics.

2. How do you remove a Miata soft top?

  1. Locate the soft top latches. There are usually two of them on each side, located near the front edge of the Miata roof.
  2. Use your hand palm, gently press on each latch while pulling up on the soft top. You should hear a click when it releases.

3. Is it hard to replace sierra auto tops?

Replacing a convertible soft isn’t all that difficult. The hard part is removing the old one, followed by putting the new one on. Some people choose to pay an auto shop to do this for them, but you shouldn’t have any problems following a few simple steps and taking your time when doing it yourself.

4. Does Miata soft top last for a long time?

Actually, it depends on how well you take care of it. If you take care of the soft top properly and clean regularly, then a good 3 to 4 years with no problems at all. Without proper maintenance, you will notice the fabric drying out and cracking before it completely goes.

5. How to adjust the top on a Mazda Miata convertible?

The top of your Miata is equipped with a manual lever that you can use to adjust the angle of the soft folding top. To make adjustments, simply move this lever up and down until it reaches your desired position. If you do not see a manual latch, you may need to remove some panels before getting the latch.

Final Words

The Mazda Miata is a popular car and has had many soft top replacement options over the years. We have tried our best to give you an overview of the best Miata soft top replacement. It is not easy for some people to figure out which one they want because all are good in their own way. But hopefully, this post helps provide insight into your decision-making process.

If you still can’t decide or need more information about any of these products before making a purchase, Read the article again! Hope you will get idea to select the suitable one for your Mazda Miata.


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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