7 Best OBD2 Scanner with Key Programmer Buying Guide

When you’re a DIY enthusiast, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the road with an engine light issue or a security lockout on your car. Many of us skip using a mechanic and fix our vehicles. Thus, you may need the best obd2 scanner with key programmer to get the job done.

With that said, we put together this list for easy reference when it comes time to shop for the best OBD2 scanners with key programmer. Join us as we dive into our top picks and go over what makes them so great!

best obd2 scanner with key programmer

 Reviews of Best OBD2 Scanner with Key Programmer

Here are some of the best OBD2 scanners with key programmer on the market today.

1. Autek Ikey820 Key Programmer OBD2 Scanner

Autek Key Programmer Ikey820 OBD2 Scanner

The Ikey820 is one of the most versatile obd2 scanner with key programming devices on the market. It has a full-color touchscreen, easy-to-read display, and compatibility with all types of automotive software, including DCS, EDC17C69, and MED17. 5. This automotive scan tool is compatible with a wide range of automotive vehicles from many different manufacturers around the globe.

It can read and erase trouble DTC codes, and check engine light, program keys and remotes. This battery-powered automotive scan tool is compact, weighs only 3.8 ounces. Also, you don’t have to worry about token limitations.

You will get 500 tokens in default & a complete package of automotive scan tools with a user manual and a USB cable.

Autek also offers unlimited online updates for free. So you always have access to the latest automotive diagnostic applications & car list updates. This universal OBD2 scanner is an excellent automotive scan tool for beginners.

Key Features

  1. Full-color TFT screen, easy to read and operate.
  2. Reads & Erases trouble codes on all automotive systems. (Engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, etc.)
  3. Displays live data stream.
  4. It supports communication with DLC interface under OBD2 mode.
  5. Connects to the PC via USB cable for direct download and upgrades available.


  1. Compact and lightweight.
  2. 500 tokens included, with unlimited online updates.
  3. Wide range of compatibility.
  4. Guided IMMO functionalities


  1. Little bit pricey

2. XHORSE VVDI Car Key OBD2 Bluetooth Programmer

XHORSE VVDI Car Key Programmer

XHORSE VVDI is a key programming automotive scanner with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s compatible with several automotive systems, including ABS, airbag, engine MRS  & PGM-FI. In other words, XHORSE can quickly get your car door open and start the ignition at the push of a button.

It also has a full-color screen and live data display. With the Xhorse scan tool, you can program keys, remotes, and do diagnostics.

 One of its best features is that it can be used as a Bluetooth adapter. So you can use your tablet or smartphone as your automotive scan tool. This car key programmers also come with a 12-month warranty if you have any problems.

Key Features

  1. It accepts automotive diagnosis via Bluetooth, iOS & Android compatibility.
  2. Reads and clears trouble codes on ABS, airbag, ECU etc.
  3. It supports car key programming for remote/immobilizer/smart keys.
  4. Reads live data stream and make parameter adjustments.
  5. Optional accessories including OBD2 cable & car list package etc.


  1. Compatible with iOS & Android devices.
  2. One-year warranty.
  3. Decent battery life.
  4. Anti-theft systems won’t be affected.


  1. It works with specified vehicles.

3. Autel MaxiCOM Car Diagnostic Scanner

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner

The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 is an OBD2 car diagnostic scanner compatible with many automotive systems. It can diagnose engine, transmission, airbag issues, and more. This car diagnostic tool is also equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) functions.

It is equipped with a large color screen that displays live data and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Its Auto VIN technology can automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Recently, I have identified p0300 code error in my car with the help of Autel MaxiCOM scanner and solved the issue.

This scanner also has a built-in battery charged using the included USB cable. This automotive scan tool comes with both 1-year warranty & software updates.

Key Features

  1. Equipped with TPMS, ABS, SAS functions.
  2. Reads engine trouble codes (DTCs) on 1996+ cars/SUVs from the USA & Canada.
  3. Built-in rechargeable battery with USB charger.
  4. DTC database for quick reference.
  5. Compatible with all OBD2/EOBD vehicles and supports Asian, European, and American car makes/models.


  1. 24/7 online updates.
  2. Cost-effective option
  3. One-year warranty.
  4. 25+ services functionality.


  1. It doesn’t perform non-OBD diagnostics.

 4. CARSCANNER CK-100 Budget-Friendly OBD2 Scanner

ICARSCANNER V46.02 CK100 Auto Key Programmer

The ICARScanner CK-100 is a handheld device that can perform essential updates 1-year aiming functions on your car. The keys that it can program in vehicles include the engine ECU, radio transmitter, door lock/unlock button, and ignition switch.

The auto key programmer is compatible with most worldwide vehicle models. It is perfect for people who frequently drive different cars and need to program car key.

This CK-100 also includes 200 tokens, with additional tokens purchased as needed. This device also offers a self-learning algorithm that makes it easy to program new keys without using computers or other external devices. Its built-in database stores information for thousands of different car models.

Key Features

  1. Compatible with most OBD2/EOBD cars.
  2. Programs ignition key, door lock/unlock button, smart key and engine ECU.
  3. A token-based system with additional tokens available for purchase.
  4. It can retrieve your lost or stolen keys from the security system’s memory.
  5. Supported in 5 different languages.


  1. Inexpensive price point.
  2. The device is compact and easy to carry.
  3. Built-in database
  4. Auto software updates.


  1. Not so strong enough.

5. LAUNCH CRP909E OBD2 Scanner 


The LAUNCH CRP909E is a complete system OBD2 scanner compatible with most 1996 and newer vehicles. This obd2 scanner with key programming can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and perform live data readings.

This diagnostic scan tools also come with a 7″ Android 7.0 touchscreen tablet with an 800 x 480 resolution. It also has built-in WiFi that allows you to update the scanner’s software wirelessly.

This auto scanner tool includes 11 reset code readers, TPMS, SAS, DPF, IMMO, and ABS bleeding functions. It is also equipped with a battery charged by a USB cable. This scanner comes with a one-year warranty.

Key Features

  1. Retrieves vehicle information via VIN.
  2. Built-in WiFi for software updates.
  3. 11 reset code readers.
  4. Supported in 9 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, etc.
  5. Pre-loaded database of 10,000 worldwide car models from 57 brands.


  1. One-year warranty.
  2. It comes with 11 reset code readers.
  3. Large battery capacity.
  4. Auto VIN technology.


  1. Bit higher price.

6. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO4.0 Scan Tool

LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO4.0 Bi-Directional Scanner

The Launch X431 is a full system diagnostic scan tool with bi-directional capabilities. It allows it to send and receive data, which enhances its functions than similar devices.

This device comes with a 7″ tablet with Android 9.0 OS. It has a high-resolution of 1280 x 768, which allows for enhanced viewing of read-outs. The tablet also has 32GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM. It is WiFi-enabled and comes with a pre-installed application that allows you to update the scanner’s software.

This scanner programmer supports over 24 languages and comes with a built-in database of over 20 million car models worldwide.

This scanner can be used to reset codes, key programs, ECU coding, p0011 code and SRS, ABS, TCM, ECM, BCM, IPC, etc. It comes with 5-years service warranty with free software updates.

Key Features

  1. It supports bi-directional data transmission.
  2. Comes with a 7″ Android 9.0 tablet.
  3. Pre-installed applications.
  4. Immobilizer key programming.
  5. Supports Plug & Play technology.


  1. Very high-resolution touchscreen tablet.
  2. WiFi-enabled.
  3. Multi-language support.
  4. 5 years warranty.


  1. Expensive for some users.

7. Autel MaxiIM IM608 Diagnostic Tool 

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Auto Key Programmer Diagnostic Tool

The Autel MaxiIM is a diagnostic tool designed for professional mechanics. This device can be used to read and clear both generic and manufacturer-specific codes. It’s also equipped with the best ABS bleeding functions, a TPMS system, and an onboard battery charged via USB cable. Recently I have cleared P0128 code of my car with this scanner.

This scanner programmer is best for professional mechanics who need to diagnose car problems quickly while onsite. It comes with a 10.1″ touch screen tablet with a resolution of 800 x 480 and an OS of Android 7 and later versions. The screen also equipped with a backlight for viewing in low-light conditions.

This best car code reader supports 23 languages and has a built-in database of over 3.5 million car models worldwide. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Key Features

  1. Strong compatibility for both professional mechanics and DIYers.
  2. IMMO and SRS key programming.
  3. DTC library for both generic and manufacturer-specific codes.
  4. Included OBD2 cable with an extended length of 3 meters.
  5. Built-in TPMS system features a low-pressure sensor detector that alerts you to low tire pressure.


  1. Backlit touchscreen.
  2. Extended battery life.
  3. 1-year free software update.
  4. Fast & reliable diagnostic functions.


  1. Can’t diagnose on BMW

Things to Consider Before Buying  the OBD2 Scanner

OBD2 scanners are widely used today, but you should know that there are different types car systems. To get the best key programmer out of your automotive scan tool, you must understand the types and their functions.

Construction and Design

Today’s OBD2 scanners are small and portable, making them easy to carry everywhere. They also come with a built-in rechargeable battery. So you can use them without the need for an additional power source.

 Some obd2 scanner with key programming tools also have a Wi-Fi connection, and some might require you to buy a separate data cable (OBD2 cable).

When it comes to the construction and design of automotive scan tools, they all come similarly. They have a touch-sensitive screen, making it easy for you to navigate through different menus.

The main difference in automotive scanner designs is their color styles. Some automotive scanners are black, while some automotive scanners are red.

Ease of Use

OBD2 scanners are easy to use, and most of them come with a user manual. The user manuals of key fob are straightforward to understand. Even for people who have never used an automotive scanner before.

 All the buttons and functions on the auto scan tool are labeled, so you will not have to guess what each one does.

The only downside to automotive scanners is that they are not compatible with every make and model of car. You will need to do your research on the scanner’s website to see if it is compatible with your vehicle or not.

Supported Functions

The best OBD2 scanner with a key programmer should support all the basic diagnostic functions. These include reading and clearing codes, Live data streaming, Freeze Frame data, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and smog check.

In addition, the scan tool should also support specialized functions such as key programming, IMMO, and SRS.

Key programming is used to program new keys for a car. IMMO is used to reset the immobilizer system on a car, while SRS is used to reset the airbag system.

Supported Protocols and Error Codes

If you drive a car that is still under warranty, it would be best to buy an OBD2 scanner that supports the manufacturer’s protocols. Some car companies will not honor their warranty if you take your car to a mechanic who uses different scanning tools.

However, if you drive an older car or one that is not under warranty, then it would be best to buy the best automotive diagnostic scanner with the broadest protocol support. This way, you can diagnose and repair problems yourself.

Warranty and Support

When buying an OBD2 scanner with a key programmer, make sure that the scanner comes with a warranty. The warranty should be at least 1 year long, and it should cover all the parts of the scan tool.

In addition, OBD2 scanners need constant software updates to keep up with the latest car models.

It is, therefore, essential to buy the best car key programmer that comes with free software upgrades for at least 1 year long.


Like everything else, the best OBD2 scanner with a key programmer is not necessarily the most expensive. The price varies depending on what features and functions it has.

 For example, you do not need to buy the top-of-the-line scan tool to read and clear basic codes. You can save money by purchasing a cheaper car scanner.

On the other hand, you will have to pay more money if you need a scan tool that supports key programming and IMMO functions.

obd2 scanner with key

Multilingual Capability

Most OBD2 scanners come with multilingual capability. However, make sure to check this feature on the best key programmer scanner’s information page. Some automotive scanner models support only English. So you must check before making a purchase.


1. Can I Program My Own Key with the auto key programmers?

Some scan tools come with key programming functions. However, you will need to have some knowledge of automotive systems. And be able to navigate through the scanner’s menus to use this function.

2. Which Is Better Blue Driver vs FIXD?

There are differences in scanner models, making it difficult to say which scanner is better. FIXD scanner uses Bluetooth technology to pair with smartphones, while the BlueDriver scanner uses WiFi.

3. What Is SBB Key Programmer?

The SBB key programmer is a handheld device that can program keys, reset the immobilizer system, and clear codes. It is not an automotive scanner, but it is a handy tool to program new keys for a car.

4. What Do Locksmiths Use to Program Keys?

Locksmiths use a variety of devices to program keys for cars. The best car code reader includes automotive scanners, key programmers, and transponder chips.

5. What Are Tokens for Key Programmer?

People use tokens to activate specific functions on a key programmer. For example, some key programmers require tokens to enable key programming. It is essential to check the scanner’s information page to see if it requires tokens for specific functions.

6. How Do You Know If Your Key Needs to Be Reprogrammed?

If you have a spare key that is not working, your current car keys need to be reprogrammed. In this case, you can either take the car to a locksmith or purchase a key programmer and do it yourself from home.

7. How Long Does It Take a Dealer to Program a Key?

It can take a dealer anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to program a new key for a car. The time will depend on the make and model of the vehicle & the type of key programming machine.


In our opinion, the best obd2 scanner with key programmer is the Autel MaxiScan MS906BT and LAUNCH Scanners. These support all the essential diagnostic and specialized functions such as key programming and IMMO. It comes with multilingual capability too. So, you can use it in any region. But other above options are also better, you can choose the suitable one according to your vehicle requirement and budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional automotive scanner technician or a weekend warrior. If you need a scanner for your car, then there’s no reason why you should buy something that is not up to par with your requirements.

The OBD2 scanner will help you get the job done without wasting too much time and money identifying problems with a car. So, have a scanner on hand, and save more time for family and friends!


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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