Rear Tire Wobbles When Driving (Causes & Fixing)

If you feel that your vehicle’s rear tire wobbles when driving, know that it is a hazardous sign. It will eventually interfere with the performance of your steering wheel that you would not be able to keep pointed straight. Make sure that you take the vehicle to the workshop and get it fixed as soon as it is diagnosed.

In this article, we will learn about the various causes of this rear tire wobble. Also, we will know how we can fix this problem before it becomes dangerous for the life of a driver.

rear tire wobbles

Causes of Rear Tire Wobbles When Driving

Misalignment of the suspension is one of the causes of this problem. But it is not wise to consider it as the only cause. There could be multiple other reasons behind it, and here we are with an explanation about all of them:

1.      Misaligned Suspension

You cannot keep the car pointed in a straight line with the help of the steering wheel due to the misalignment of wheels. You will observe that it takes a lot of effort to keep the car on the right or left side while driving. This condition points towards either rear- or front-end wobble of the vehicle tire.

If you have the necessary equipment, or take your vehicle immediately to the workshop, this problem can be fortunately fixed instantly. It is recommended that the help of professionals should be taken for this so that this may not convert into a complex damaged suspension problem. After solving the suspension alignment issue, if you face wobbling due to tire issue. Purchase new good tire such as  Hankook Kinergy 185 75R14 Radial Tire.

2.      Damaged Suspension

The damage in suspension causes the steering wheel to wobble. This problem is slightly harder to handle or address in comparison to misaligned suspension. The extent of the problem depends on the front suspension, or some other suspensions or all of them bent or mounting. You will face car wobbles at low speed for the issue.

For instance, in the MacPherson type of suspension, a complete strut or damper needs replacement. Other than this, proper inspection and support will be needed afterword’s to make sure that the problem is resolved. Similarly, other suspensions also require detailed fixation and replacement.

3.      Unbalanced Wheels

Any mistake in balancing the wheels of the car could become the cause of tire wobbling. When you or the professional at the workshop changes the tire, it should be checked and made sure that all tires are in complete balance with each other. This will help them roll properly during the drive, and pose the least chances of even a slight wobble.

Some people try to attach weight with the wobbling tire to balance out the weight of the car due to unbalanced tires. You should know that if there is no problem with the suspension, you have not hit the Kerb, then unbalance in the wheel would be the only cause behind tire wobble.

4.      KERB’S Strikes

If you accidentally mount or strike the Kerb, this means that you have caused a lot of damage to the wheel. It is widespread that the wheels to get scratches especially when turning car tires. At very high speed, this damage easily occurs. When there is a bend in the rim, the rear tire wobbles when driving and sends vibrations to the steering.

How to fix rear tire wobbles?

There are so many ways to fix the car wobbles when driving. However, we will share the troubleshooting option which is the most common and easy to follow. Please follow the sequence of steps given below to get rid of this problem:

  1. Troubleshooting starts with a diagnosis of any bend or spoke in the rim of the wheel. The rear or front-wheel could wobble due to this problem even if it is just at the starting stage.
  2. Now start by tightening the spokes of the wheel until you feel all of them are at rest. You should check after fixing them at their positions to avoid facing problems in the next steps.
  3. You should make other adjustments at this stage as and where required. For instance, the half-turn or the two-quarter turn system is slightly loser than others, make sure you fix it. Such precise adjustments are very crucial, so never skip them to fix back tire wobbling.
  4. You have to understand that brake pads are at rest and all wheels are seated at this point. To do this, you have to release it as if you are going to remove it from the vehicle.
  5. After this, squeeze the brakes to keep the vehicle at the center of its frame.
  6. You can re-tight the wheel at this stage. This will allow the brakes to go off, and help the wheel come back to its central position.
  7. Keep in mind that you replace all the broken spokes as well. This is the last adjustment that you should make. Even if one spoke is broken, it will even cause tire wobble at low speed.
  8. Experts recommend that you can still ride for some time if there are other options available when you lose the spoke. However, pressure can further mount or bend the spokes and they will further wrap. This can further damage the spokes and permanently damage the rim of the wheel.
  9. Always purchase good brand tires like MICHELIN Defender 195 65R15 Radial Car Tire  according to the required size.


1.  What does it mean when your tire is wobbling while driving?

Suspension problems and lack of balance in vehicle wheels occur due to car wobbles when driving. This issue is easy to identify because the steering becomes difficult to handle. The driver fails to keep the car in a straight line; thus, the problem is quite severe and sometimes dangerous for life.

2.  Can a bad CV joint cause a wobble?

A ticking sound appears in the vehicle when there is a bad CV joint. This results in a bad wobbling problem. Possibly, due to this reason the bad wheel bearings, and CV joints end.

3.  Can I ride with a wobbly wheel?

The first difficulty when the car feels wobbly is that the steering does not come under control at high speed. Lockups start to occur when the driver tries to use the rim brakes, thus resulting in the dangerous rear-wheel wobbling during the drive.

4.  How much tire wobble is normal?

No level of tire wobbling is acceptable. It happens when the cleaning, oiling, and maintenance of the chain are required. However, for some people, less than almost 0.5 mm wobbling of the tire is not a problem.

5.  What cars have death wobble?

The car wobbles at high speed are something that is very common in jeeps, trucks, as well as in 4x4s. This happens when the components of the quickly moving staring wheel make it move side to side. The driver starts to feel that the car will collapse and fall into pieces. The driver desires to control the steering for saving his life.


It is a common problem that the rear tire wobbles when driving, especially when the vehicle gets puncture repair or replacement. To detect and correct the problem, the above information would be of great help. So, go through it once again, inspect your vehicle accordingly, and fix it as soon as possible.


Mr. Rubel is an Engine Mechanic. He has more than 15 years’ experience on repair and maintenance of different kinds of vehicles. He is also providing training to mechanics and works as a Senior Mechanic of a well-known organization. He is sharing his knowledge to support the car lovers to solve the vehicle issues.

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